Monday, August 4, 2014

An Up Hill Battle

This week has been rough, when I decided I needed to turn my diabetes management around I knew it would be hard, but not this hard.

I feel like every time I get myself to a decent number, it is time to eat again. And I know that many of the high numbers I am seeing are from food choices I am making (like eating ice cream or cupcakes) but it is hard for me to say no. I do not want to refuse desserts because I feel like then I am contributing to the idea that type one diabetics should not eat sugar. When someone says "Oh but you can't eat this can you" I feel like I just have to prove them wrong.

It is stupid, and I know that, but no one ever said a diabetic's relationship to food is simple. I cannot wait for the summer to be over so that I can escape the parties and 'fun food' and go back to a more normal diet.

So here is to the end of summer (which thankfully is in sight)!  And here is to trying to make better food choices. =)

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