Monday, April 29, 2013

My Friend the Diabetic

"My friend the diabetic" she says faster than lightning as she tells some story from her adventures at school.
"Does he have a name?" I ask staring her down with a look of disapproval; we take care of our own.
"yeah... but you don't know it...."

"My friend the diabetic" is a common character in the tales of my freshie sister, and on Sunday I got to meet him (or maybe that's too strong a word... I saw him) in person.

Katie (Freshie sister) goes to an art school... and they do weird artsy things; like having an acting show case. So my mother, my best friend (the diabetic, but MY friend the diabetic now, not HER friend the diabetic .. yeah that's a lot of sugar in one room!) and I sat down the the freakishly small auditorium of this school (you'd think an art school would have a bigger place for their audience) to await my lovely Katie appearance (yeah she was the LAST scene)

Like two hours later, Gracie (My friend the diabetic) leans over to me... for like the thirtieth time cause were bored and whispers "Hey that's the diabetic."

So we spent his whole scene looking for his insulin pump (boys are so lucky, those things are much easier to hide in baggie cargo pants) and found it (Left side lower pocket=).

After the play Gracie decided to 'call dibbs' on Katie's friend the diabetic. So not fair since she already 'called' at least three other boys in the room!

Anyway.... that's My Friend the Diabetic... and no, it's not nice to define people by their disease so now I will say, this guy was attractive, a good actor, and possibly had an adorable accent. (were still trying to determine if he was faking it for the scene or not)

Meeting diabetics in the wild can be awkward... we all deal with this disease differently, and outside of the conferences and camps... it gets a little weird.

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